Market report: January 2019

Each week, Del Bene shares a produce market report so that you are always up-to-date with what's fresh.

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Insider Tips

for the Week Ending January 19, 2019

Suggested Buys

All citrus, Strawberries, grape tomatoes, blueberries, beets, hard squash, blackberries and cantaloupe

Tight and Expensive

Collard and mustard greens, green peppers, squash, green onions, honey dew and cauliflower

New on the Market

Apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, kumquats, pomelo, satsuma mandarins, minneola, honey bell tangerines

Current Marketing Standings


Market UP

The asparagus market is rising as production transitions from Peru to Mexico.  Supplies are very limited for next week.  Peruvian growers are only shipping limited quantities as their season winds down, and Mexican production is off to a slow start as growers compete with Mother Nature.  Cold temperatures in Caborca, Mexico is limiting production, and forecasters don’t anticipate warmer temperatures for another ten to fourteen days.  Demand remains strong, so we are seeing a very tight market with limited supplies and high prices.



Strawberries Demand has leveled off in the strawberry market as we move further into January.  Additionally, fruit is shipping from California, Mexico and Florida – keeping supplies steady and plentiful.  Growers in Oxnard and Santa Maria (California) are fighting some weather issues.  This has caused some quality concerns, but forecasts show improving weather soon.  Mexican strawberries are in peak production and shipping ample supplies.  Consistent supplies are also now shipping from Florida as well.  The strawberry market continues to fall from its Christmas high.  Pricing is reasonable and a bit lower next week with good supplies and mostly good quality.

Blueberries Prices have dropped because of product coming from multiple different growing regions: Chile and Mexico being the major contributors.  Argentina and Peru are also shipping moderate supplies.  Steady supplies are expected to continue over the short term with reasonable prices and very good quality.  Prices will fluctuate slightly from week to week depending on availability.

Blackberries – Following a tighter market, the blackberry market has opened up as we head toward February.  Mexican supplies have spiked over the past week and have created a wide range of pricing in the market.  This market will be mostly flat next week with reasonable pricing, ample supplies, and good quality.

Raspberries – Mexico is currently the main growing area for raspberries.  Quality has been good with adequate shelf life if storage temperature is maintained.  Prices are stronger due to colder temperatures slowing fruit growth.  Some growers have communicated concerns over potential quality issues resulting from precipitation, but that remains to be seen.  Prices should hover around current levels for the rest of the month.




Green PeppersGrowers in Florida continue to fight cooler temperatures and less than ideal growing conditions.  Supplies are tighter for next week.  Western production in California is steady while Mexican growers face cold weather and reduced yields.  Quality is mostly good on green peppers, but here are some sizing and weather-related concerns here and there.  The market will be steady with higher than normal prices and somewhat tight supplies.

Colored Peppers Demand continues to exceed supplies for red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.  There are very limited supplies available from Mexico shipping from Arizona.  Higher prices will stretch to the end of January with cooler weather affecting sizing and color of the peppers.



Broccoli Cold temperatures in current growing areas (centered on Mexico) have hit the broccoli crop hard.  Supplies have tightened up across the board, and they are not keeping pace with demand.  In addition to short supplies, quality concerns have popped up.  These include purpling, mechanical damage and yellow cast.  Prices are higher next week with limited availability and mediocre quality.

Cauliflower Like broccoli, the cauliflower market has picked up over the past week.  Supplies will be tighter next week following a freeze in Yuma, Arizona.  The weather has also taken a toll on quality; this includes minor bruising and some yellow cast.  Weights are in the twenty-five- to twenty-eight-pound range.  Prices are higher next week.


Markets UP

Iceberg Colder than average temperatures in Yuma, Arizona and southern California are affecting crop yields and picking schedules.  Harvesting crews are being forced to start their days later because of ice on the lettuce plants.  The market is holding relatively steady for the time being, but we could see increased price levels from lower supply levels as a result of the colder temperatures.  Plus, forecast is calling for more the same next week.  Labor shortages are also lingering with several different growers having a difficult time finding crews to harvest daily.

Leaf/Romaine  Green leaf, Red leaf, and butter lettuce availability is improving with prices adjusting downward.  Romaine and romaine heart supplies are plentiful and available at reasonable prices.  Overall quality on leafy items has been fair with some occasional tip burn being reported, which is an effect from the colder temperatures that the product is being grown in.  Supplies are expected to hold steady over the next week.

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