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Each week, Del Bene shares a produce market report so that you are always up-to-date with what's fresh.

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Insider Tips

for the Week Ending April 13, 2024

Suggested Buys

Corn – English cucumbers – zucchini/yellow squash – grape tomatoes – cantaloupe – honeydew – blackberries – bell peppers

Tight and Expensive

Iceberg – romaine – watermelon – blueberries

New on the Market

Ramps (Ohio) – English peas – Fava beans – spring/knob onions – MI rhubarb – morels (limited) –- green (spring) garlic – western fiddleheads – fresh garbanzo peas – cardone – cotton candy grapes –– parsley root

Current Marketing Standings


Market Up

In Mexico, the fields are transitioning from Caborca to the central regions. Pricing is stronger with a supply gap expected until Central
Mexico, Peru, and local domestic production get going by the end of April or early-May. The local Michigan asparagus season is
completely dependent on weather, needing a couple weeks of consistent temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Last year, the season did not
start until early-May.


Market Down

Green Bells – Florida’s spring crop is continuing to develop and allowing for gradually lower prices. Out west, New growing areas in
Mexico along with Coachella should ramp over the next 1-2 weeks, leading to a stable market for at least the remainder of the month.
Colored Bell peppers – Supplies are finally improving from both Canada and Mexico after a couple months of volatile markets. Prices have dropped significantly over the last two weeks. Aggressive prices and plentiful supplies are expected for the month of April.


broccoli – market up

Broccoli – Rainy weather in the Salinas valley has resulted in decreased harvest yields last week. No major disruptions are expected, but it has been enough to driver prices up a few dollars. There is product available out of Mexico and Florida, but we are continuing with California bunched broccoli and crowns.

Cauliflower – Harvests have resumed in the Salinas Valley after transitioning back from Yuma, AZ. The market is steady at reasonable
prices and good quality


market Down

Yuma is expected to continue for just another one to two weeks, while Huron and Salinas have just begun to harvest. Prices are still well above average, but availability is slowly improving. Romaine and romaine hearts will be the last variety to recover. The iceberg market is improving a bit quicker. Green and red leaf lettuce are being offered at more reasonable prices. Value-added/pre-cut lettuce prices are still elevated and will take another couple of weeks to start falling. Markets are expected to stabilize by the end of April.


California peaches, nectarines, apricots, and sweet cherries are expected to be available by early-May.




Blueberries and strawberries – market up

Strawberries – Florida has finished up for the season, while California has limited volume coming from the new fields there due to rain in Oxnard and Santa Maria. Mexico is still shipping some product, but their season will end quickly. Prices are increasing due to the decreased availability. The new berries out of California are showing excellent quality, but growers need time for harvests to catch up to demand. The fields in the northern districts of Salinas and Watsonville have barely started to harvest, but will ramp up over the next several weeks.

Blueberries – Prices continue to rise quickly with imported product from Chile and Peru finishing up. Only light supplies are available on new crop blueberries out of Mexico and Florida, while also commanding a higher price. Mid to late-April will bring much better availability and prices once Georgia begins and Mexico/Florida ramp up.

Raspberries – Although quality has been excellent, pricing has been higher with light supplies. Over the next six weeks however, production will be increasing out of Central Mexico, Baja, and Oxnard towards peak levels by early-May.

Blackberries – Prices are reasonable on product coming mostly from Mexico, although supplies remain on the lighter side and are expected to stay that way for most of the month until California starts to harvest in May.


5×6, cherry, grape, and mixed cherry – markets down

Snacking tomatoes (grape, cherry, mixed cherry) are showing significant improvement in pricing and availability due to increased
shipments coming over from Canadian greenhouses. Grape tomatoes are the best bargain right now at low prices. Both round and Roma tomatoes have jumped in price with 5×6/6×6 commanding the highest prices. Availability is still limited on rounds out of Florida and Mexico, but supplies should improve within the next few weeks. Roma tomatoes are being offered at slightly better prices, but will also take another week or two for supply lines to recover and prices to come back down. Compari, cherry tomatoes on the vine, and Kumato tomatoes are available for next day delivery with a preorder.


ramps – market down

Prices are gradually dropping on ramps that are coming in from the Ohio Valley. Quality and sizing have been excellent.
MI rhubarb, CA green garlic, English peas, and fava beans are available and in stock. Western fiddleheads and stinging nettles are
available upon request – call to preorder. Morels are extremely limited with orchard morels finishing. Imported morels or domestic blonde morels are available with outstanding quality, but expensive prices.