What's in Season this Winter?

The best produce to buy this winter.

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With all this Romaine hype lately it’s important to explore other options, especially with SO many diverse delicious greens available! Looking for other head lettuces? The Artisan blend and Arcadian Harvest are great options as well as many other properly packed greens we carry. Baby kale, a current favorite with tender stems and leaves containing the same nutritional benefits of “traditional kale” is a hearty, slightly earthy green yet more versatile. Like Spinach it holds up great to dressings and is also fantastic folded into eggs, your favorite pasta or even in a smoothie! Greens can even add that kick your dish might be needing. Is it that hint of pepper that Arugula or Watercress bring you’re looking for in your salad or pesto? Or the spicy almost wasabi like flavor of Mizuna aka Japanese Mustard greens? Try any of these alone or in one of our many field lettuce mixes.

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Winter Squash

The days are growing shorter and it’s that time of year for braising and comfort foods. What is a better pair, winter squash with those delightful dishes! Its firm sweet flesh makes it a great substitute for starches and potatoes. Winter squash are nutrient dense with carotenes, vitamins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, while being low cal, an added bonus for happy healthy guests! Kabocha squash, aka Japanese Pumpkin, have a remarkably sweet and nutty flavor, making them the perfect blend of a sweet potato and a pumpkin! Kabocha is great roasted, steamed, or in soup or pie. Traditionally in Japan it is enjoyed cut into chunks, tempura battered and fried. Spaghetti squash, with its tender fragile strands and chewy mild flavor, is best used just as the name would suggest, like spaghetti. Buttercup and its sweet drier flesh is great for curries and cakes. From Acorn to Delicata and everything in between, winter squash is an inexpensive way to add delicious diversity to your menu this this season.

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